Emmanuelle Hegaret

Seat and living environment designer

With a strong commitment to craftsmanship, Emmanuelle Hégaret designs lighting, seating and decorative objects working with local craftsmen, French metalworkers, cabinetmakers and carpenters, all renowned for their high standards and expertise. She also works with French, English and Danish fabric manufacturers and tanners.

With her feet firmly planted on the ground and her eyes looking out over the sea, this craftswoman, daughter of farmers and a graduate of the prestigious École Boulle, strives for timelessness and the passing on of traditional skills and noble materials, which are her daily source of inspiration.

Her workshop is where she applies her skills and passion to her works. Leather, wool, metal, cork and wood reflect her taste for nature and seasonal atmospheres. She uses colours to emphasise the lines of the objects, sometimes sober, sometimes bright, like the rhythm of the days.

The piece is considered essential, accompanying every moment of life, like a legacy to be passed on.


The finest materials, ancestral practices and inspirations from afar blend naturally, simply and elegantly under her fingers. The seasonal colours and the peacefulness of the countryside help her create objects that are useful, beautiful and long-lasting. Her approach combines traditional techniques, restoration of period furniture and the creation of unique items.


She imagines and produces unique, evolving pieces, on which time acts like a balm. Patina and evolving textures bring cachet and authenticity to noble, natural materials, adding a unique tone to every home.


Her expertise in the traditional techniques of upholstery has led her to conceive each restoration as a unique creation and to combine it with the finest fabrics, selected from prestigious printing houses.

as a tribute
Working with traditional techniques, and turning the object into a timepiece.
Natural materials
& vibrant colours
Combining functionality, quality and aesthetics for harmonious living.
A land
of inspiration...
Drawing on the creative strength at home and on the road…