Combining Know-how and Transmission

Emmanuelle Hégaret obtains her DMA (Diplôme des métiers d'art) in "Home Design" from the prestigious École Boulle in Paris in 2011.

She then moves to New York and the highly renowned Atelier de France,specialising in the restoration of top-of-the-range chairs, located in Redhook, right in the centre of Brooklyn. Over there, the craftswoman perfects her eye and know-how, working with rare pieces and a prestigious clientele. She works for major museums and renowned interior designers. Many styles go through her hands, and she is faced with the most demanding requirements.

She sets off for Burma in 2013 to work in a decoration factory. There she trains a team in traditional tapestry techniques and experiences the pleasure of passing on her skills in site, realising just how precious French craftsmanship really is.

When she returns to Brittany, she decides to teach in schools and students preparing for the DN MADE (National Diploma of Arts and Design),realising that she now wants to share her knowledge of traditional techniques.

Today, Emmanuelle Hégaret continues to pass on her expertise, restoring and creating in the privacy of her Breton workshop.

An Appreciation of Noble Materials
and a Sense of Naturalness

Back from Burma in 2014, Emmanuelle opens her workshop between Perros-Guirec and Paimpol, in her native land.

She returns to her signature piece Tracks,produced in small series and exhibited on international fairs, before creating a series of variations on the theme over the years.

Her expertise in tapestry and initiation to cabinet-making are complementary, and offer a whole new range of possibilities. She designs unique and authentic objects, which she prototypes herself. This led to the creation of Fat Girl, Bench Pap, Stripe,in the footsteps of Tracks.

Combining her passion for natural materials with her love of the environment, Emmanuelle pays tribute to her roots and the local craft traditions that are still very much alive.

Whether it's leather, wood or linen, the story behind Emmanuelle Hégaret's work is palpable. It's a story of ancestral know-how, of techniques patiently passed down, and of encounters that are sometimes more distant, resulting in pure, elegant and easy-going shapes.

A Personal Expression Emerges

The workshop features welded metal flirting with skilfully taut leather ties, a wing chair adorned in mohair velvet that evokes the azure, and a Breton striped knit combined with a thick skin in a dense, comforting colour.

Taking inspiration from her family roots, close to the land, her know-how and the skills she has patiently handed down, Emmanuelle Hégaret makes each creation or restoration a testimony that she loves to see come to life in her customers' homes.

In search of a raw and vital emotion, she explores all the facets that nature has to offer, favouring the quality and nobility of materials, avoiding synthetic fabrics.

Over the years, she has forged strong relationships and shared her values with other local professionals who are keen to protect their environment and act with common sense.


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